Thursday, 8 December 2011

A bit of a re-design....

You know what they say, 'A Change Is As Good As A Rest'!

I don't like things staying the same too long, so here we are: like it, loathe it, or something not quite right when it loads, please let me know what you think of the blog redesign through the comments panel, or by email, ta!

If you've not visited in a while, please click on the tabs to have a look at the wonderful work of designer makers throughout the Nottingham area. Here's a sample image from a recent shoot with Defined.- a Young Enterprise Company set up by Pupils from Nottingham Girls High School in Nottingham. They have a range of tees with words and definitions and they seem to be going down a storm with buyers. Look out for them at local fairs!

I have a different Facebook page- go to Pauldale Foto and add me as a friend, please!

 Finally, look out for announcements of new offers for designer makers and vintage resellers and crafters and....!


Friday, 23 September 2011

New October deadline

I'm so pleased with the response to my 'free first photo-shoot' offer- thanks to all who have booked a session! I've decided to place a time limit on the offer, so now you have until the end of October 2011 to arrange something with me- after that the cost will be the usual £35 for the first session and the same per hour for subsequent shoots- still not exorbitant when you consider you'll receive the disk with all the edited images on, with full permissions on usage!

Call now on 0115 8470693 before the Christmas rush- there, I said it!


Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Welcome to the all new, freshly created creatives blog!

 I aim to use this space to post all things relevant to my photographic collaborations with other creatives. I'll post messages, links, images and offers, amongst other things, mainly to showcase the work I do for others and to link to some amazing designers and makers in and around the East Midlands initially, but who knows how wide the net will reach?

I'll keep it simple as I learn how to use Blogger, but any hints and tips on how to improve these pages would be most welcome!

Just click on the tabs next to this one for a visual feast!

Thank you for being part of this exciting and fabulous journey with me!

Paul Dale
0115 8470693
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